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Shaking Hands with Believer

Hudhayfah ibn Al-Yaman (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, ” Indeed whenever  a believer meets another believer takes his hand and shakes it,  sins fall from both of them the same way  leaves fall off a tree.”

Collected by At-Tabarani in his Awsot (245) graded Saheeh by Shaykh Al-Albani in his Silsilahtus Saheeh. 6/431

Benefits about this topic:

Shaykh Al-Albani 1421H (may Allah rest him in Jannah) wrote in Silsilahtus Saheeh; It is sunnah to take a person’s hand and shake it. And to take both a person’s hands and shake them is contradictory to the sunnah; like some of the mashaykh  do.

Shaking hands is a legislated act at the time of parting as well.
It is an innovation to shake hands directly after the prayer.(end of quote from Shaykh Nasir.[ 1/ 52] )

Al-bara’ ibn ‘Aazib (may Allah be pleased with him) said,” Shaking hands is a complete greeting.” [ # 968 Saheeh Adabul Mufrad]

The first people to introduce the handshake were the people from Yemen [ # 967 Saheeh Adabul Mufrad by Imam Al-Bukhari]


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