Knowledge (ilm)

Indeed the continuous charity can possibly discontinue ,the righteous son may pass away but ..

“If the son of Adam dies, his actions cease except 3: A continuous charity, or knowledge which people benefit from, or a righteous son who supplicates for him” (Saheeh Muslim) Sheikh Saleh bin Al Fowzan commented: I heard Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibraheem رحمه الله mention during a lecture that he delivered in the College of Shari’ah (in Riyadh): Indeed the continuous charity can possibly discontinue (due to funds depleting, etc.), and the righteous son may pass away. As for beneficial knowledge, its benefit will continue and not cease, and the person will continue to gain reward (after his death). This is certainly one of the reasons why knowledge is more superior to other righteous deeds. Source: At Ta’leek al Qaweem ‘ala Kitaab Iqtidaah al Siraltul Mustqeem pg. 22  Benefit Shared by : Mustafa George hafidhahullaah